Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 Weeks to Go

Its getting close now.

I'm starting to stress a bit...

Things have been hectic over the last month as April draws nearer. The website is taking over my life although I am making good progress,

As for my training, well thats another story. The last month has been disappointing in terms of the amount of training I have been able to get in,. Injury and sickness have meant that over the last 6 weeks I have been unable to get two weeks of good training in a row. I was sick all last week and as a result had to sit out of the Bath Half which was quite disappointing. By all accounts it was a great day, however I was stuck in London feeling like crap.

I'm feeling better now, and not having trained for 10 days I am itching to get out for a run. Unfortunately I don't have the time. Looking forward to a session at trim tomorrow night and then the big Send off Party on Thursday night.

A trip to Cornwall for a training\ tech testing weekend is on the cards. Hopefully I can squeezxe some rest in there somewhere too.

I still have a long list of kit I need to get hold of so a trip to Ellis Brigham is in store too, although I'm not sure when Im going to fit that in.

Good times...

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