Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its all Relative...

So after our disappointment last weekend I decided I had to get back into the training. I've been sick for a couple of weeks and hadn't been able to get any runs in. I finished work and got changed and set off to run home. Nothing too taxing, just a gentle 4.5 km to get me back into it and stretch the legs out a bit.

I stepped outside breathed in the icy air and realised that winter is well on its way. About 10 minutes in it to the run started to rain. Then it started to rain hard. Then it started to hail.

It was funny jogging along watching people dive for cover from the hail. I must have looked a bit of a mentalist because I was actually laughing and smiling to myself as the hail bounced off my face. Sure it stung a bit. My fingers were slowly numbing, I was soaked through and cold, but this was nothing. This was a jog in the sunshine compared to what we faced on the Ben last weekend.

Had I not had that experience on the weekend, I'm sure I would have felt the cold more and felt the sting of the hail on my face, but its all relative. Inspired by Hillsy's tirade on the mountain I just laughed at the hail and said "F**k off and come back to me when your a real storm".

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tooveseverest said...

Hillsy swearing at weather conditions will live on in my memory forever more