Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Long Walk to The Middle

This is the first entry in my blog, and represents the start of an amazing adventure. Next April, I will be taking part in an expedition to Nepal in an attempt to set a world record, and raise loads of money for two very worthwhile charities.

So what's this all about? The challenge is pretty straight foward - find two teams of like-minded individuals, fly to Nepal, walk halfway up the highest mountain in the world, and play a game of cricket at an altitude higher than any other official match of sport, in a harsh and oxygen-depleted environment.

This is going to be a real challenge and a test of commitment, perserverence and above all physical endurance. We will be playing a 20/20 match of cricket at Gorak Shep, 5164M above sea level. At this altitude the body absorbs less than 70% of the oxygen it does at sea-level, and the dangers of altitude sickness are all too real.

So why are we doing this? As well as the world record attempt and an amazing adventure, one of the major goals of the expedition is to raise £250,000 for two great charites, Comic Relief and the Himalayan Trust. This is where your support comes in! Over the next 9 months there will be loads of opportunities for everyone to be involved in helping make this expedition a success.

Over the coming months I will be keeping you all informed on our progress and challenges with the organisation, fundraising and training and look forward to sharing this adventure with you. For more information please visit


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iamcaroline said...

wow blinks..what a great blog! especially the story about the 75 year old guy...good luck to you, i'll be supporting you all the way!!